Air bubble film

Thuan Thanh Plastic produces Air bubble film.

Diameter of the bubble: 6mm,10mm,12mm,20mm,25mm

Max width: 1800mm

Material: LLDPE

Features: shock absorption, impact resistance, non-toxic, odorless moistureproof, noise insulation, Corrosion resistance, good transparency, lightweight,

Bubble film is also called air bubble film, bubble wrap ,air bells, LLDPE air bubble film and so on . it is made of PE , the diameter of our bubble is 6mm,10mm,12mmm,20mm,25mm. the max width can be up to 1800mm. besides.

we can made the bubble into 2 layer bubble film , 3 layers bubble film , 5 layers bubble film and other multilayer bubble film .so far , we have developed many lamitated bubble film ,like , EPE foam bubble film , woven bubble film ,kraft bubble film

Thay have gained high assement  from the new and old customers .Meanwhile, our bubble film can also be cut to size perforated or custom-made to various sizes of bags .such as anti-static bubble bag , printed bubble bag , mailer bag.

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