Epe foam manufacturer

Introduction:EPE, also called pearl cotton. EPE is non-toxic. The independent bubbles and fine bubbles in the pearl cotton make EPE highly elastic and not brittle. It is the most advanced protective material in the world.

Advantage:EPE surface soft, environmental protection white. Because it is completely independent bubble body, it has light, heat insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof, shockproof, sound insulation and corrosion resistance. The anti-aging ability is strong, it has good processing ability, the pink EPE material with electrostatic agent is added, and it also has remarkable anti-static function. It can also increase the tear strength and anti-ultraviolet function of PO film, aluminum film, woven fabric and other materials. EPE pearl cotton has shockproof resilience, which makes the product packaging have good impact resistance, especially the impact buffering effect is almost constant.

Usage: EPE is widely used in product packaging, such as computers, electrical appliances, high-end furniture, leather goods, handbags and shoes, etc. Especially fine arts and crafts packaging, EPE and other high-grade decorative cloth, flannelette, is noble, luxurious style, and do not break its good resistance to shock vibration protection effect, and the development trends of packaging etc.

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